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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Membership

Can Companies become SES Members?
No. SES Membership is for individuals. As all SES information is sent via email, SES requires an individual email address for each member.

What period of time do the dues cover?
Our dues cycle recently changed to an anniversary membership cycle based on the date of payment since most members are paying their dues using a credit card. When you pay your dues, they are paid for one year from that date. You are always welcome to pay for more than one year in advance.

Can a Company pay for more than one employee using one check or a single transaction?
Yes. A company can issue a single check to pay the dues for multiple people. The company must include an application form for each person to ensure that the dues are properly credited. If a company would like to pay for several people’s dues using a credit card, send an email to the SES Membership Director and we will create an invoice to send to you for payment.