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The George W. Walsh Scholarship


The Source Evaluation Society sponsors the George W. Walsh Scholarship Award (established 1992) at Manhattan College in New York in honor of George W. Walsh (1932 - 1991), a 1955 graduate of Manhattan College in Civil Engineering.

George Walsh enjoyed an outstanding career in air quality evaluation and environmental protection and was a founding member of the Source Evaluation Society. The society has as its purpose to promote the application of sound engineering principles and procedures to the measurement of stationary source emissions for environmental assessment and compliance determinations.

This award is to provide financial assistance to a junior or senior majoring in engineering or the sciences, preferably with an interest in environmental protection. Since its inception, the award has gone to several outstanding engineering and science undergraduates at the college some of whom have already gone on to start effective careers.

The Matt DeVito Scholarship


The Source Evaluation Society sponsors the Matt DeVito Scholarship Award (established 2001) at Fairmont State University in Fairmont, West Virginia to honor the memory of Matt DeVito, a 1978 graduate of Fairmont State in Chemistry. Matt was an active member of SES for many years and served as the President in 2000. He was a dynamic and effective leader, advocating our industry’s positions in many areas including programs aimed at the accreditation of air emissions test professionals. He was also a very articulate, intelligent, practical, and hard-working person. Matt was a top-notch coal researcher as well as a hands-on stack sampler. His drive, energy, and wit make his absence felt more strongly. Matt succumbed to injuries sustained during an industrial workplace accident while performing a stack test on December 5, 2000.

Details on the Scholarship are listed below: 

  1. The scholarship will be established at Fairmont State University in West Virginia, Matt’s Alma Mater.

  2. The Scholarship will be titled “Matthew S. DeVito Memorial Scholarship.”

  3. The scholarship will be managed through the Fairmont State Foundation, Inc. under their “Impact” program, making the funds available at the time they are received.

  4. The Source Evaluation Society (SES) will contribute $3,500.00 each year.

  5. SES expects to make annual contributions indefinitely into the foreseeable future.

  6. SES prefers that the funds be awarded to student(s) working toward degrees in Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, or a related field.

  7. Fairmont State will award ½ ($1,750) of the fund in the fall and the second half of the fund the next spring.

  8. Fairmont State will select the recipient(s) based on their evaluation of the students’ needs and merit.

  9. Fairmont State may elect to divide the funds between two individual students per semester as they see fit.

  10. Fairmont State Foundation may publicize the creation of the scholarship in Matt DeVito’s name, and additional contributions by others will be welcome.

  11. Fairmont State will notify SES as to the particulars of each award recipient.

SES is proud to utilize our collective resources to honor the memory of someone who meant a lot to us and to be able to help others better themselves at the same time.