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Why You Should Join SES

If stationary source sampling data quality, methods, regulation is something that is interesting to you or useful in your work, then you should belong to the Source Evaluation Society. Becoming a member will help you stay informed on the latest issues impacting the stack testing industry by receiving our quarterly newsletter, email alerts, online news feeds, and exclusive member-only access to resources on the SES website.

Some of the benefits of membership include receiving our quarterly newsletter that provides information on state/local regulatory issues, safety, method development/changes, new program updates and highlighted presentations from the annual Stationary Source Sampling and Analysis for Air Pollutants conference.

Being an active member will allow you to search for other members by name, interest, or business sector using our online membership directory.

SES hosts an annual conference called the Stationary Source Sampling and Analysis for Air Pollutants, or SSSAAP, conference. The conference is a great opportunity to connect with mentors, colleagues, potential subcontractors, and friends who can assist you in advancing your career and in making the right connections.

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