QSTI/QSTO Appeal Process

If a QSTI/QSTO candidate receives notice that he or she did not pass a SES methods group exam(s), the QSTI/QSTO candidate may appeal the determination(s). The criteria and procedures for such appeals are as follows:

  • The SES QSTI/QSTO review panel will consider appeals for an exam score of 37 (out of 50) or greater. An exam with a score of 36 or lower will not qualify for appeal.

  • Within 30 days of receiving notice of the exam score(s), the candidate must write (e.g., e-mail) to the QSTI/QSTO review panel through the SES QSTI/QSTO administrator (currently Gail Westlin) with a request for appeal identifying the specific method group(s) exam to be reviewed and the date the candidate received the notification of the result(s). The SES QSTI/QSTO administrator will notify the candidate if the request meets the criteria for appeal, request and obtain from the SES methods group testing contractor a copy of the subject exam(s) with the candidate's answers, and forward the request to the panel.

  • When the QSTI/QSTO review panel receives the subject exam materials, the panel will review the material including verifying the score using the established answer key and an assessing the clarity or correctness of particular questions and answers.

  • Within 45 days of receiving the copy of the subject exam(s) for review, the QSTI/QSTO review panel will issue a decision in writing on the appeal. The decision options are:

    1. the exam results stand as initially determined
    2. the exam results are adjusted

    If the QSTI/QSTO review panel determines to adjust exam results, the panel will determine if the adjustment affects the status of an exam result and notify the candidate.