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Stack Tester Qualification Program

The Source Evaluation Society Qualifications Committee has developed general requirements for applicants for the SES QSTI/QSTO certificates. If you have any questions or suggestions about these requirements, please direct those to the SES QSTI/QSTO Administrator (tf_lowe@yahoo.com) who will coordinate with the Committee.

To ensure the viability of issuing qualification certificates to qualified stack testers, the requirements are:

  1. The candidate must have at least 1 year of experience in the area selected for testing.
  2. The candidate must pass the group test (i.e., Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 or Group 4). (Click here to access the ETA web site and the registration form for the exam.)
  3. The candidate must submit a completed, notarized application for qualification. (Click here to access the Official Source Evaluation Application for Source Emissions Tester (.pdf format)
  4. Along with the application, the candidate must submit at least three letters of reference. One letter may be from a supervisor, one from a client, and one from a State representative (for example), but at least two of the letters must be from outside the place of employment. These letters of reference should address the candidate’s integrity and abilities/performance in the area manual methods, instrumentation methodologies, and general source characterization. These letters of reference must be sent directly to the SES QSTI/QSTO Administrator by the person(s) writing the letters. (A suggestion: supply the person writing your letter of reference a stamped enveloped addressed to the SES QSTI/QSTO Administrator.) PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SES QSTI/QSTO COMMITTEE NOW HAS AVAILABLE A FORM THAT CAN BE USED IN LIEU OF A FORMAL LETTER. Please click here to link to the approved form.
  5. Once all the documentation is received, the Committee will review and advise the candidate if further information is needed. Once all the documentation is submitted to the Committee, the goal is to respond within 90 days.

Applications and letters of recommendation may be submitted by email to the SES QSTI/QSTO Administrator at QSTIProgram@gmail.com.. If you wish to fax the documents, you may do so to 919-572-2203.

All information received will be kept confidential and shared with no one but the SES Qualification Committee.

Additional information on the exams, registration forms, and instructions for the registration forms are available on the Eastern Technical Associates Source Tester Examination Website: http://www.instack.com